What We Do

Dr Goldenberg is a Senior Scientist in Genetics and Genome Biology program at SickKids Research Institute, in 2018 she was appointed as the first Varma Family Chair in Biomedical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, faculty member and an Associate Research Director, Health at Vector Institute and a fellow and AI Chair at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), Child and Brain Development group. Dr Goldenberg trained in machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University, with a post-doctoral focus in computational biology and medicine. The current focus of her lab is on developing machine learning methods that capture heterogeneity and identify disease mechanisms in complex human diseases as well as developing risk prediction and early warning clinical systems. Dr Goldenberg is a recipient of the Early Researcher Award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation. She is strongly committed to creating responsible AI to benefit patients across a variety of conditions.

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Lab News

  • Dec 2019:

    Anna Goldenberg named one of the CIFAR AI Chairs. Article

  • June 2019:

    "Do no harm: a roadmap for responsible machine learning for health care" published in Nature Medicine Article

  • April 2019:

    Toronto Life article Q and A with Anna Goldenberg

  • Feb 2019:

    CBC article and BBC Digital Planet featuring Anna Goldenberg's work on predicting heart attacks with AI.

  • Jan 2019:

    Globe and Mail article featuring Dr. Goldenberg's appointment as the hospital’s first chair in biomedical informatics and artificial intelligence.

  • Oct 2018:

    Dr. Goldenberg attends the Anniversary AACR Special Conference Convergence: AI, Big Data, and Predition in Cancer and gives an invited talk.

  • Oct 2018:

    Luaren goes to the American Association for Human Genetics conference and presents her work iModEst (our new tool to annotate gene regulation

  • September 2018:

    Anna is invited to give two talks at the NCI workshop on deep learning: (1) Modeling Drug Response using Deep Learning and (2) Interpretability of Deep Learning Methods: Instance and Feature based.

  • July 2018:

    Anna is invited as Keynote speaker at the NetBio COSI @ISMB. Talk title: Being Bayesian about gene networks to discover disease mechanisms for complex human diseases

  • May 2018:

    Anna is a keynote speaker at the Parliamentary Health Caucus

  • April 2018:

    Anna at Marbach Conference leading a session on Mathematical models in genomics and neurocircuitry

  • April 2018:

    Anna chaired and spoke at AACR’s educational session on Big Data and Deep Learning in Cancer

  • Feb 2018:

    Dr. Goldenberg invited to talk at NRC Research

  • January 2018:

    Dr. Goldenberg is a speaker at the CIHR/CIFAR AI and Public Health Meeting Jan, 2018

  • January 2018:

    Dr. Goldenberg joins the AI panel during the Girl Geeks Toronto Ethics of AI panel

  • December 2017:

    Dr. Goldenberg receives the Canadian Research Chair in Computational Medicine Award

  • December 2017:

    Dr. Goldenberg is on the Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery Panel at JLABS

  • Novemeber 2017:

    Dr Goldenberg to speak at Go North, Google conference in the AI for Social Good section

  • October 2017:

    Atlantic article featuring Dr. Goldenberg

  • October 2017:

    Dr Goldenberg giving a talk and speaking on panel at Georgian Partners conference

  • October 2017:

    Dr Goldenberg and collaborator Dr Malkin featured in Google movie talking about AI in health

  • October 2017:

    Dr. Goldenberg, Lauren Erdman, and Ben Brew go to ASHG and present

  • September 2017:

    Dr.Goldenberg gives keynote talk at Elevate Toronto

  • June 2017:

    Congratulations to Lauren Erdman for finishing her MSc and starting a PhD in the lab!

  • May 2017:

    Summer students join the lab. Welcome Lebo, Angeline, Jaryd, and Mohamed

  • April 2017:

    Lauren Erdman and Ben Brew go to Washington DC for the annual American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) conferecne to present their work

  • August 2016:

    Ben talks about machine learning and medicine at data fest in Chicago

  • August 2016:

    New members in the lab: welcome to Kingsley and Menjie!

  • July 2016:

    Anna becomes CIFAR Fellow in Child and Brain Development!

  • June 2016:

    Anna receives the DCS award for excellence in mentorship and grad student recruitment

  • May 2016:

    Dustin joins the lab for the summer: welcome Dustin!

  • May 2016:

    Hareem Naveed is heading to Chicago for the summer!

  • Mar 2016:

    Early Research Award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation

  • Nov 2015:

    Anna talks at Duke!

  • Nov 2015:

    Anna talks at Brown!

  • Nov 2015:

    Shems Saleh joins the lab!

  • Oct 2015:

    Talk at Techna Symposium

  • Oct 2015:

    Ben Brew joins the lab as a data analyst

  • Oct 2015:

    CIFAR talk on data integration